Light a Candle for
Armenian Genocide Victims
Light a Candle


Russian Federation BennyDycle: Секрет евреев: Еврейские мужчины

Marshall Islands pinupcasinoone: Добро пожаловать в онлайн казино Пин Ап! Играйте в любимые игры, выигрывайте деньги, получайте бонусы!

Russian Federation Denis: Remember and demand

Russian Federation BennyDycle: Секрет евреев: Еврейские мужчины

United States Aiden Najarian: NEVER forget!!

Czech Republic Olga Oříšková: Never forget, be vigilant.

United States Walter Shimkoski: The Lord be with you

United States Syuzi: May the 1.5 million innocent souls Rest In Peace. ❤️

United States Gabrielle: In memory of our ancestors who died, and those who survived and kept the Armenian culture and heritage alive.

Russian Federation Maria Bagdasaryan: Мы помним и никогда не забудем!

United States Margaret Khachikyan : In honor of our our ancestors

United States Anna Azaryan: In honor of my ancestors.

Israel Garo Kazazian: remember and remind and we will never forget

France Manuel Boghossian: Justice vous sera faite

Czech Republic jasmin: Never again.

Australia Hagop Jack Kayserian : Asdvadz Hokinit Lousavore ✝️ ✝️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

United States Anna: 1915 never again

United States Alec GeoSimonian: Never forget!

United States Richard Welch: Never Forget=Never Again

Greece Lena Nicolopoulou : Never forget the victims!

Chile Katia Araya Klarian: Remember

Canada sara : never forget.

Chile maryorie: For all the martirs who could not save itself nor their families. The memory remains

Iraq Anita Ishkhanian : Anita Ishkhanian I remember and demand I demand my home in Seghert

United States Arax: always remember

Sweden Arshak Hamparsoomian : Never forget

Iraq aida torossian: 1915 Never forget

Iraq homenetmen baghdad: I remember and demand

Iraq george hammo: I remember and demand

Iraq ihsan hammo: never forget

Lebanon Nathalie kaloustian: Never again

Spain Ana: Հավերժ փառք

France Lilit: for 1.5 millions saints

Poland Ashot Kachatryan: Հիշում և պահանջում եմ

Lebanon Sarah Boyajian: 1915 Never Forget

Lebanon Joey Atallah: 1915 Never forget and Never again.

Canada shahen minassian: We will never forget.

Germany Daniel G: We stay strong and don't forget!

United States Vicky Trdatyan: 1915 never again

United States Tania Karian Kasakian: When two Armenians get together they build a new Armenia.

United States Nora Fronjian: God bless all those who lost their lives in this atrocity, including my great great grandparents and 7 of their children. May we reach complete recognition, and may all genocides be prevented.

United States Mariam:

Israel Igor Ulanovsky: Never again!

United States Antoine Curry (Haigazian): In loving memory of my grandparents and all 1.5 Armenian I never forget

United States Vahik Akopyan: Never again 1915

United States Angela Palesyan : We rise with power. 1915 NEVER FORGET

United States Edward Heupler : I will always honor those who lost their lives in this unacknowledged atrocity.

Australia Jamie Trapani: 1915 never forget

United States Silva kasparian : Never forget 1915

United States Sandra Johnson: Bless everyone. May we heal in peace and love...

Israel sirush: never again

Canada Karine: 1915 never again

United States Elizabeth: We will fight for justice for our Ancestors.

United States Armine : I remember

United States Araks Stepanyan: Never Forget

United Arab Emirates Dianna Aslanyan: Proud to be Armenian

United States Nina: 1915 never again. Never forget 1.5 millions Armenian Genecide. RIP

United States Shaunt Boyajian: Never Forget ❤️

Armenia Marie deukmajian : In memory of all our grandparents who killed by the othmans

Marina Kazanjian: We lit a candle for our ancestors!

India Shahid moidin: No.matter for how long the truth is hidden, it will surface one day and it has . RIP

United States Karin Mermer: Never forget the Armenian Genocide God rest the souls of the 1.5 million massacred

United States Lana Maranian: The first nation to accept the Christ. I'm so proud to be Armenian

United States Mike Mikaelian: May you be at peace now with the knowledge that the global majority recognizes the unspeakable tragedies you, our ancestors, endured and that Armenians all around the world are now thriving! ❤

Uruguay Cristina Alvarez: Memoria y Justicia

Greece Karine Tonian: i swear never forgive nor forget

Albania Elza : 1915 never forget.

United States tatevik :

United States Ani: always remember

Egypt Alya Kalinian: May our grandparents Rest In Peace - We will never forget Սեւ Ապրիլ 1915

United States Bedros Zerdelian: I remember and I demand restitution. Կը Յիշեմ եւ կը Պահանջեմ Հատուցում։

United States Vicki Azarigian: Hope

United States Armen: God bless the Armenian souls that we’ve lost during the genocide, and all the genocides that still occur around the world today...

United States Elen Yesayan: We remember and demand

United States Armen Bandarian: 1915 Never Again!

Egypt Vanessa Ezzat: never forget <3

United States MCL: ❤️

United States Nellie: Never Forget

United States Christine Hovanessian: Sireli hayer

Uruguay DIEGO KRIKORIAN: Reconocimiento, memoria y justicia

United States Michelle:

Armenia Amalya Babasyan: Remember and demand!!!

Hungary Zsolt Vágner: I just can repeat! Remember to 1915 Never Again!

United States Melanie Khanamirian: We remember and demand justice

United States From my dear Mom Larisa in Heaven: For all murdered Armenians

Greece Lizeta Hagopian: In loving memory of my great grand parents who were massacred on their way from Smyrna to Syria

United States George Boghozian: Today on 105th anniversary of Armenian Genocide, we remember and pay homage to 1.5 millions victims of this crime against humanity.

Canada Lily Faridani: Armenian Genocide

United States Kristan Dermangian: In loving memory of my Armenian ancestors

Italy Narine : We remember ❤

Uruguay Héctor : I support Armanian people

France Tsobanian : À leur mémoire.

United States Angela: 105th year of remembrance!!!

Ireland Annie Arshak: in memory of our families

Argentina Nicolas Seferian: Done!

Armenia rene: R.I.P to all that died.

United States Alvart Zohrabian : I lit a candle for Armenian genocide victims

United States Maggie baghdasaryan : I lit a candle

Canada Anania Yeghikian: The truth will out.

Uruguay Raquel Meghirditchian: Nunca màs

United States Savannah: 105 years later, we will never firget

Armenia Harutyun: Harutyun Adamyan

United States Bradford Olson: Never forget.

Armenia Tamar Yeremian: We remember and demand. RIP 1.5milions souls

Armenia Maneh: We remember and demand

Argentina Milva Chorbadjian : En memoria de todos nuestros seres queridos que no cuidan desde el cielo. Memoria- Justicia-Reconocimiento

France Soulian: En mémoire de tous ces innocents qui ont eu une fin tragique épouvantable, d'une barbarie sans nom. Ne jamais oublier. Nous sommes toujours là !

Russian Federation Artur Saiadian : We remember

Armenia Shoghakat Stepanyan: May they rest in peace.

United States Sovinar:

Germany Seda: We remember and demand!

United States Ara Sargsyan: We remember and demand

Armenia Tatevik Stepanyan: God bless and protect us.

Armenia Mariam Mkrtchyan: We remember and demand acknolegement.

Canada Shoghig Azarigian : We will not forget 1915 , we demand our home in Kharpert .

Uruguay Sandra keuchkerian: Siempre presente

United States Melanoma Gevorgyan: We have cried for too long. No more. We remember and we demand justice. 1915 NEVER AGAIAN

United States Ishkhan Gevorgyan: 1915 NEVER AGAIN. WE REMEMBER AND DEMAND

United States Rafik Pashayan: Oh Armenian people, your only salvation is in your united strength, we will never forget and we will always demand justice for our people and country.

Sweden Maria: Never forget. We remember and demand.

United States Hamlet Pashayan: WE WANT JUSTICE

Italy Maddalena : We don't forget!

France elie: God bless Areminia

Argentina Johanna Valdez: En Argentina y en todas partes del mundo seguimos exigiendo justicia. MEMORIA Y RECLAMO.

Spain ELENA ALEXANIAN : Memoria y justicia, 105 años de impunidad, recuerdo y exijo

United States Iana vartumian : We never forget

United States Ruzanna: remember and request

United States Garegin Nzdeh : Never forget, they tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.

Albania Niki: For my grandpa Harutiun and his beloved ones.

United States Lisa:

United States Robert Azarigian: We will never forget!!!

United States Virginia Y: Verjine Yesaian We are all around the world, we are strong

United States Noune Bagdasarian : We will never forget!

United States Lexie S: Never forget 1915

Armenia Lilly: God Bless Our Nation

Romania K. Kasabian : We remember.

United States Janna Kasmanian : 1915 Never Again

Argentina Rosana : Յիշել ու պահանջել

Canada Alexis Abkarian: I stay home, but I never forget. The 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of April 24

United States Kristine Mnatsakanyan : Never forget

Lebanon Julia Derderian : No forgiveness

United States Michelle: Never forget

United States Anna Akopyan: Hishum yev pahanjum enk

Lebanon Hovsep Derderian : Kharpertsi em

United States Sevak Stepanian: From Stepanian Family with LOVE

United States Gabrielle Nazigian: Remember our ancestors

Canada Marina: We will never forget.

United States Sarin Dishoian: In memory of 1.5 million Armenians

United States Sara Baylouzian Vorsganian: Կը յիշեմ և կը պահանջեմ

Italy Lucia Aliffi : Mai mai più!!

United States Anna Sargsyan: I remember

Canada Angela Nahabedian: Never Forget..

United States Shushan: Never again!!!

Canada Roubina: we Will forever remember ❤️

United States Natasha: For the loss and pain of the innocent.

United States Kristine Manoukian : Never forget

United States Araxy Shahrikian : For my Grandparents I demand justice

Canada Ary Froundjian : Peace to all

United Kingdom Amelia Barnes: In memory

Canada Diko Nahabedian: Never Forget...

Lebanon Rima: Remember and Demand

Armenia Anna: I remember and demand

Argentina Sandra Jasmin Agopian: Reconocimiento, justicia, reparación

Argentina Lorena Aharonian : Յիշեմ և պահանջեմ Recuerdo y reclamo

Armenia Naira Vardanyan: We will always remember

Sweden Kicki Tännérus Carlé : For my armenian friends, refugees from Iran to Sweden in early eightees, thank you for enlighting me.

United States Liana Banduanyan: We remember and demand

United Arab Emirates Daniel Daoud: God is great

Canada Sho Kalache: We will never forget

Poland Dominika: R.I.P.

Canada Tamar Krikorian: ❤️

Australia Nicholas Al-Jeloo: Remembering all Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks who perished between 1913 and 1925. We will never forget and will continue to demand justice for their souls. May their sacrifice not have been in vain!

United States Aitana Guia: Denial no more

United States Sophia Kugeares: In memory of the SURVIVORS from Divrig.

Armenia Sonia: I remember and dimand

United States Satenik Der Manuelian: Remember always

Uruguay Moira Demirdjian: Justicia y NO olvido. Por mi familia y por la de todos los Armenios.

Argentina Daniel Ohannessian: Ni olvidó ni perdon

Argentina Ester Naccachian: Memoria y J7sticia

Argentina Զեփիւռ Տիշջէքէնեան:

Argentina Clara: Memoria y justicia

Argentina Cynthia Aharonian: MEMORIA Y JUSTICIA

Argentina Vanesa: Para nunca olvidar

Iraq Նուշիկ Մելքոնեան: կը խոնարհիմ մեր մէկուկէս միլիոն զոհերու յիշատակին

Argentina Paola Pamboukdjian : Memoria y justicia

Italy armine pambakian : in memoria di mio nonno e dei martiri armeni

Romania Vera: May this light enlighten the world to finally see. I remember.

Argentina Silchu: Basta de injusticias y de negacionismo! Por la memoria de quienes fueron desterrados de Armenia y masacrados por el Estado Turco Otomano.

Uruguay Carlos Kalayjian : Por mis antepasados

France AVRIL Richard: Paix à leur âmes.

Argentina Nancy Shekerdemian: Never more genocides

Cyprus Sonia Papadouri: I am a defendant of Yenovkian family... I never forget! My thoughts from Cyprus!

United States Stefanie Karadian: In memory of the innocent lives lost in the Armenian Genocide. We will never forget.

Cyprus Anita: We never forget

Lebanon Dzovinar Keledjian: I Remember and demand

Russian Federation Seda: We remember and demand!

Netherlands Inga : ❤️ ❤️

United States Nancy mead:

United States Razmik Keshishyan: 1915 never again, we remembering, shame on Turkey.

Uruguay Carlos Kolukizian: Այլեւս երբեք !!!

Armenia Arevik Hakobyan : We remember and demand. Never again

Argentina Sose Hanessian : Memoria y Justicia

Russian Federation Gayne: Помним!

Italy Sabrina Sukiassian: May this light reach all the victims and may it enlight human beings minds and hearts so that such horror would never happen again.

Australia Rita Kupelian Vihas: We will never forget. RIP x

Armenia Ռոման Մնացականյան: Հայոց ցեղասպանության զոհերի հիշատակին

Russian Federation Маро Агасиевна Арутюнян: Հոգիներին հանգստություն

Greece Dimitra: Rest In Peace

Spain Emil: Gg

United States Sarkis : Kani kank k hishenk

Austria Gomer Ghadimian : 1915 never again genocide never again

Armenia Talar: May their soul rest in peace.

United States Varta Muradov : Never Forget

France Ina Karian: Toujours vivants dans nos coeurs! Pour Hagop et Guliéna mes grands parents , et pour tous les exilés, on oubliera pas !

Uruguay Ankine Dolabdjian : In memory of all the victims of the Armenian Genocide

Romania Sergiu Sarchizian : Never forget

United Kingdom Sandrine Mirasyedi : I am a grandchild of an Armenian genocide survivor

Romania Luiza Terzian: never forget!

France Agazarian: L'avenir est devant nous

Italy Raphael Alexanian: Mai più!!!

France Haroutounian Sedrak : We will never forget.

Myanmar Thu Zar Myint: Generations lost ,Memories linger on.

Hungary Ilona Anna Dobrai-Maronics: :'( #neveragain!!!

Armenia Toros: We remember and demand

Germany Garo Tabaker: Աստուած մեր պապերի հոգիները լուսաւորէ։ 105 տարի յիշողութիւն եւ պահանջ։

Germany Varduhi Hovhannisyan : 1915 never again

Australia Ronan Apcar: Բարև from Australia

United States Nekey M: Never forgotten

United States Lilit Markosyan : 1915 never again

Australia Hovsep Davidian : Armeni

Armenia Ani: Հիշում եմ և պահանջում։

United States Naya malatian: You will never be forgotten.

Austria Awedis Cocyan: Never forget...

United States Gevik Haghverdian : I remember and demand

United States Manushak Malatian: You will never be forgotten!

Russian Federation Армине Овсепян: Արմինե Հովսեփյան

Australia Arman: Never again

Netherlands Christina Virabian: I remember and demand!

United States Stella : 1915 never again.

Romania Manea Andranic Liviu: În amintirea bunicilor mei, Misac Haceadurian și Haiganus Haceadurian (născuți în județul Mus), luptători pentru independenta Armeniei.

United States Nika: мы этого не когда не забудем и буди идти до победно конца.

Syrian Arab Republic Houri Jooharian: Խունկ և մոմ եղեռնի նահատակներու անմառ յիշատակին

France Armenuhi Djindian : Ne jamais oublier

Russian Federation Karen: Скорбим

United States Aline Kechejian : We will never forget

Australia Sylvia Balemian Altun : We will never forget

Armenia Marine Sayadyan: Remember and demand

Hungary Kima:

United States Nanor Kraghosian: I remember and demand

France Agopian Danièèle: Pour que nul n'oublie

United States Haik Divanyan: Astvac ortni yev pashpani bolor hayerin

Armenia Seva Der Artinian: Never Forget

Russian Federation Yana Vardanyan: Never forget!

Russian Federation Lilit Kirakosyan: Never forget!

United Kingdom Karine : I remember and demand

United States Gary Aslanyan: We will never forget!

United States Anahit Akopov: Never forget

United States Hrib Torossian : Never forget

United States John Bobnes: Peace and love

Argentina Josefina Calero: Nunca lo olvidaremos! 1915 nunca mas

United States Tatyana: Կանգնիր աշպարհ...Ժամանակն է

United States Sonia: We have not been extinguished.

United States Mari: Amen

United States Nune: I lit the candle

Armenia Jacklin Nazaryan & Gohar Melikyan: In memory of the 1.5 Armenians from the Armenian Genocide . Կանք պիտի լինեք ու դեր շատանաք

Armenia Anoosh Grigorian: Never Forget ❤️

Canada Annie Pilavdjian : Will not be forgotten

United States Gayane Parsegova : I pray for the departed souls we lost in 1915. May they Rest In Peace, and this atrocity never happen to ANY nation again.

United States Suzanne Dersahakian: Turkey failed ❤️

Canada Arlene Kombiyikyan : We will never forget

United States Aline Dervartanian : In memory of all those who were murdered during the Genocide

United States Benny: We can not stop while there's is active enemy out there.

United States Anita Harutyunyan: Այլևս երբեք

United States Anush: For the 1.5 million Armenians For my home For my people

Armenia Tatevik Movsisyan : In the memory of 1.5 million Armenians mercilessly cleansed from their homeland in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire.

Russian Federation Vazgen Martirosyan: 105 years of pain

United States Dakota: For my great grandmother, Zarify Garabedian, survivor. For my late family historic, my great aunt Marguerite Marderian. I hope to make you both proud.


Armenia Shoghig Khederian : Կանք, պիտի լինենք ու դեր շատանանք

United States Luiza: Always on my mind my people , my country, great years and memories.

United States Andre: We will forever remember forget the atrocity commited against the Armenian!!

Canada Maria: Never forget

United States Arpine Babayan: Never forget Armenian genocide

Romania Debreczeni Szabolcs Attila: Az emlék hátborzongató

Australia Ani Ipradjian: I am a descendant of the Armenian Genocide. May we remember all our ancestors who died and were a victim of this horrible genocide.

United States We remember and we demand!

United States Annie Wartanian Reisinger: May the souls of our loved ones Rest In Peace and serve as inspiration for our redemption

Singapore Sirarpi: Genocide denied is genocide committed

United States Ani Javardian: Asvadz abahov baheh. 1915 Never Forget.

United States maria javardian: Asvadz abahov baheh

United States Vadim Akopov: Never forget!!!

Uruguay DOMINIQUE Hagopian : Nunca más..

Uruguay DOMINIQUE Hagopian : Nunca más..

Canada Liza : We remember and demand!

United States Robyne Shahverdian : Never again

Armenia Artak: Never forget

Lebanon Vasken: Կը պահանջենք

Canada levon simonyan: In memory of Mother, a genocide survivor

United States Ani Shahinian: This is a worthy cause for a worthy people.

United States Sara: We remember