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Glendale Hookah Lounge

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  • added on: 12-23-2022

Glendale Hookah Lounge

Glendale Hookah Lounge is where you’ll find the finest foods, an incredible bar, and the best hookah experience. We present a relaxed yet entertaining space where friends and family can spend time together over great food and the most exotic hookah flavors. Offering an excellent and diverse menu, join us every day of the week, including Wednesday through Sunday, when our resident DJ showcases the best beats

Glendale Hookah Lounge is the best restaurant and hookah lounge in Glendale, California. We first opened our doors in 2005, offering a simple but tasty menu with incredible hookah to match. Today, we have grown into a popular and unique restaurant offering a diverse menu, a full bar, and the most excellent hookah flavors our guests will not find elsewhere. With more than 100 incredible hookah flavors to choose from, we combine a menu of delicious food and drinks with the finest hookah. What makes our hookah so highly sought after is our commitment to quality and staying true to traditional shisha, more commonly known as hookah. We have searched far and wide to present every customer who walks through our doors with the most amazing hookah range. With our relaxed and contemporary indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy some fine hookah privately or under the stars. Our Bar and Restaurant is an excellent place for groups, families, and friends. We want you to chill and to unwind with some delicious food, incredible cocktails, and hookah, of course! Food, beer & wine are served alongside multiple flavors of hookah at this full-service restaurant


Monday11:00 AM2:00 AM
Tuesday11:00 AM2:00 AM
Wednesday11:00 AM2:00 AM
Thursday11:00 AM2:00 AM
Friday11:00 AM3:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM3:00 AM
Sunday11:00 AM2:00 AM

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